Zilver is an innovation consultancy. We help you run strategic customer experience projects. We operate on the foundation of empathy based customer insights as well as metric based customer intelligence. We combine brand vision and innovation strategy in a design led approach. This leads to tangible, measurable, implementable solutions as well as long-term growth. Our aim is to improve the relevance of businesses and the lives of their customers, making the most of human talents and resources.

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Customer insights

We turn empathy into action

Innovation hinges on understanding future user needs. Observing what your customers do is not enough. We help you understand why they do it.

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Brand development

We turn vision into value

Vision is essential to innovation. It is the foundation of growth. We build people centric brands rooted in the vision of entrepreneurs, managers, employees and customers.

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Innovation strategy

We turn plans into solutions

When planning your future you need to understand your added value, your customer’s needs, and the context in which you operate. We show you the sweet spot where the three meet.

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Experience design

We turn touch points into meaning

Compelling experiences make a difference. We translate customer goals into orchestrated experiences, across journeys, across channels. And help you measure your impact.

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EBAY | marktplaats


Marktplaats is the famous Dutch classifieds site owned by Ebay inc. In the fall of 2012 the Marktplaats UX team asked us to embark on a journey with them to explore how we could improve their users’ experience along the journey. In parallel, they were looking to generate a shared customer understanding across the different functions of the company, in order to create a more efficient, on brand and customer centric work flow.

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August 26, 2015by zilver

More and more we are asked by our clients to teach them what we do. There seems to be a growing need for the internalization of capabilities related to design thinking, service design, insight research and customer experience innovation. At Zilver … Read more

August 25, 2015by zilver

Translating customer insights into relevant new value propositions: it’s the core of our business. Erik and Marit get the chance to host two workshops on exactly this, at the Productized Conference in Lissabon. We looking forward to sharing our experience … Read more

June 18, 2015by zilver

Curiosity is in Zilver’s genes. Deep contextual user research forms the foundation of many of our innovation and design projects. We’ve been told we are able to unlock customer insights that actually drive strategy and lead to meaningful innovations. But, … Read more