Virgin Mobile Australia

What did they ask us?

in 2011, Virgin mobile Australia had reached a point where in order to stay relevant they needed their customer satisfaction measure to grow, in a branded, differentiated way. Virgin asked us to look at the entire customer journey through the eyes of the customer, to then develop business cases for unique service experiences that would enhance Virgin’s position as the leading customer experience telco in Australia, increasing their bottom line as well as creating a solid fan base of happy customers and employees.

How did we help them?

We conducted an extensive quantitative analysis with the Virgin business team to uncover where improvements in customer experience would genuinely make sense. Then we embarked on an in-depth qualitative customer insight study to unlock how we could enhance the experience. The findings of these two streams of research were shared and elaborated upon by a multi-disciplinary team of Virgin staff and managers. The results were translated into new service propositions by a mixed team of service designers and business analysts. Finally, front line staff was trained to consistently deliver these new services, including the zilver/Proto Partners team spending a week on-site at the Virgin Mobile contact center in Manilla.

What were the outcomes?

The project led to many customer experience improvements along the journey. These initiatives were designed from a customer perspective, as well as a brand perspective and a business perspective. Next to that it led to tooling and methodology to help internal teams continuously keep improving the customer experience as well as the bottom line. Finally, it led to a very clear business case for experience innovation: we pinpointed the best opportunities for experience improvements in the journey from a business perspective and we calculated the net worth of raising NPS for customer lifetime value.

The project has resulted in a 10% increase in customer loyalty (Net Promotor Score) within a timeframe of 7 months.

Watch Damian Kernahan of our partner agency Proto Partners and Amanda O’ Donnell, Virgin Mobile’s head of customer experience, talk about the case in our documentary ‘Design the new Business’ (starting at at 22:55).

Amanda O' Donell
head of customer experience

"With Proto Partners and Zilver, we've achieved a significant rise in our key customer experience metrics, thanks to a much better alignment of management and staff with the core principles of the Virgin brand, a much deeper understanding of the core desires of Virgin customers, and more focus in service delivery along the customer journey".