What did they ask us?

DSM Resolve is a subsidiary of DSM, focussed on high level chemical R&D and analysis activities for internal and external clients. Triggered by full overhaul of the DSM corporate brand, to streamline the new focus on life sciences and nutrition, it was time for DSM Resolve to question their role and position with regards to this new vision and positioning. DSM asked us to help them better understand their core capabilities and role in the DSM corporate brand, and translate this understanding in a broadly supported vision and mission.

How did we help them?

Interviews with key managers and clients, and desk research into the structure and content of the new DSM brand, helped us understand what makes the organisation tick. Insight mapping (see tool book) and visualising our findings gave Resolve a highly engaging image of themselves, to discuss and reflect upon. Future scenarios helped the key players in the project understand the implications of Resolveā€™s role in the new DSM corporate vision.

What were the outcomes?

The project has brought Resolve a clear new sub-brand architecture, and a focused initiative to work towards a broadly supported brand promise and vision by the end of 2011. Furthermore, the project has given Resolve the foundation for a 2012 initiative focused on the implications of the brand proposition for customer centric service design.