Ebay | Marktplaats

What did they ask us?

Marktplaats is the famous Dutch classifieds site owned by Ebay inc. In the fall of 2012 the Marktplaats UX team asked us to embark on a journey with them to explore how we could improve their users’ experience along the journey. In parallel, they were looking to generate a shared customer understanding across the different functions of the company, in order to create a more efficient, on brand and customer centric work flow. The project needed to deliver three sets of outcomes: customer insights, the methodology and tooling to turn these insights into improved customer experiences, and increased customer commitment in the teams we worked with.

How did we help them?

We helped the Marktplaats team by involving them in an intensive process consisting of: performing an explorative context mapping study (7daysinmylife.com diaries, home visits, insight mapping workshops), co-creating user personas, mapping customer journeys for the personas, developing design principles, developing a UX dashboard to measure UX effects, validating personas to assess the size of the persona segments and their NPS, and finally, generating new UX concepts and designing new services.

What were the outcomes?

The result of the project was a very focused UX strategy that helped designers, product managers and marketeers to align their efforts and serve customers better. We built a set of shared UX principles per stage of the customer journey, a customer experience dashboard and  validated personas. These tools are now used on a daily basis. We involved around 80 stakeholders in the process, in NL as well as the UK, generating a lot of buy in and commitment.

Michael Sonderby
Strategy Manager

" Working with Zilver has helped our business attain new and deeper insights into our users and their digital behavior. Insights that were surfaced through Zilver’s passionate engagement, professionalism and holistic problem solving approach. To add to this the holistic cross-functional approach helped achieve very strong buy-in across the teams that were engaged and which allowed the findings to have a true and lasting impact on how we view our customers needs and more importantly how we innovate to address these. The tools and knowhow that Zilver brings to the table have made them a trusted business partner and one that we will continue to spar with in order to navigate us through a digital world where change is ever accelerating and user needs equally so.”