What did they ask us?

Etna, a well-known Dutch kitchen appliance brand, wanted to invigorate their brand. They were looking for ways to get closer to their customer, through better products and services, on the foundation of a meaningful brand proposition. Although they had done numerous market research projects, the results of these failed to give them the actionable insights they needed. Therefore Etna asked us to deliver really inspirational insights and directions for future products and services that would delight their stakeholders in the value chain and that would align their internal teams around one clear brand vision.

How did we help them?

A  context mapping study employing and home interviews gave us the pool of real life insights Etna needed. A series of insight mapping, persona, customer journey mapping and opportunity mapping workshops helped the key stakeholders align their ideas and understanding of the Etna brand and customer. By involving designers, engineers, purchasers, sales people and marketeers, we helped to build a broadly supported brand understanding and a shared vision for the entire company.

What were the outcomes?

• Innovation and design guidelines for new products and services, so that less time was spent on discussion, and more on action;

• A new brand and innovation framework that captured all the insights, so Etna has a clearer understanding of  what it stands for, what its customers desire, and what innovation opportunities to focus on.

• A customer journey map with concrete opportunities for new business, including services.