What did they ask us?

Fatboy, a privately owned lifestyle brand, famous for its large bean-bags, was ready for the next step: to transform their brand from the domain of furniture into the domain of branded lifestyle experiences. But how? Fatboy asked us to help them explore the essence of their brand, and its implications for their future, in a way that would match their open, experimental and creative culture.

How did we help them?

A 7daysinmylife.com context mapping study gave Fatboy the deep connection with their customer and their lives that they lacked before. A series of coaching and exploration sessions with Fatboy management helped them understand the company’s potential from an entrepreneurial point of view. And various creative concept and brand discovery sessions with the company’s international sales and marketing team helped to translate these insights and the company’s very strong brand essence into actionable new business domains.

What were the outcomes?

This project resulted in an opportunity mapping game (see tool book) that stimulated the combination of entrepreneurial vision, brand essence, customer insights, and market domains, into opportunities for growth. We developed a user insight booklet that captured the essence of people’s relationship with the Fatboy brand and its products. This helped Fatboy creative teams build more meaningful and on-brand experiences.