What did they ask us?

NLISIS, a hi-tech start-up in laboratory equipment, knew that to be winning innovative player in a market that is dominated by very large corporations, you need a very strong brand proposition, a clear innovation focus, and a consistent design language. Just what our Brand Driven Innovation methodology delivers.

How did we help them?

Internal deep dive sessions, customer context mapping sessions and lead user sessions helped craft a brand for NLISIS that was both inspiring and usable, relevant and deeply authentic. This brand led to a clearly defined innovation focus and strategy that helped the NLISIS team to focus on the now, while being prepared for the future. Working with a team of technologists and designers we then crafted design guidelines for all their touch points along the customer

What were the outcomes?

A brand bible, an innovation strategy and design guidelines. Several innovation and design awards. DSM buying a major share in the operation and it’s intellectual property.