What did they ask us?

Ohra is a very well known Dutch insurance brand, that in 2012 was dealing with industry challenges like many of their peers: price pressure, low customer involvement, high churn, low customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ohra asked Zilver to help them answer this question: how do we enhance our customer’s experience across the entire customer journey by building a shared customer understanding and by developing tools that help us build better service propositions?

How did we help them?

After gaining a solid understanding of the insurance market and the OHRA brand through desk research and management interviews, we set out to learn to understand their customers. Through diaries (www.7daysinmylife.com) and home interviews we dove deeply into the customer motivations and emotions around buying and using insurances. The insights we gained were shared and deepened in an in-house customer journey lab we initiated. The lab was a meeting place for around 100 key stakeholders in OHRa’s customer experience program. The lab helped to build bridges between departments and to co-create and prototype improvement initiatives. We are currently still partnering with OHRA to develop personas, get a grip on the customer decision journey, and to look at other fields of insurance.

What were the outcomes?

The outcomes were a set of actionable customer journey insights and focus areas. Next to that we developed a metric dashboard that helped combine OHRA’s quantitative metrics with our qualitative journey insights. We also introduced a set of design principles that are now used as driver for service innovation next to OHRA’s brand values. Finally we facilitated the co-creation of a number of service and communication improvements in places in the journey where it really mattered to the customer, and where business potential was attractive.

With Tim Schuurman of Design Thinkers, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser of Context Queen, Damian Kernahan of Proto Partners and Joris Funcke of C-Sharp.

Wim Rampen
Manager of customer experience and brand

"Zilver Innovation is one of the very few "agencies" that can unravel all the complexity and layers of the customer's journey by looking beyond the typical (designers) "touch-points" into the jobs Customers are trying to get done. And they understand how to visualize and bring back to the core the insights gained in such a manner that it sticks with the people that need to work with them. People throughout my teams (and beyond), who have worked with Zilver on the projects we did together, have expressed how they valued the Zilver team's openness, energy, and respectful way of handling and valuing input from all kinds of stakeholders"