What did they ask us?

Philips Oral care felt they had insufficient deep customer understanding to step out of the spiral of incremental innovation they were captured in. Philips asked us to conduct a 7daysinmylife insight study in the German market in order to understand how consumers think of health, hygiene, and wellness in their daily personal care rituals.

How did we help them?

7daysinmylife and house visits brought to the surface a lot of very meaningful insights into the drivers and motivations behind personal care, and the barriers that people encountered in keeping themselves healthy and fit. We translated these insights into several insight maps, which organize the data in such a way that it can be used to plan future business opportunities. Workshops with a team of key stakeholders built on these maps to create new product, service and business model roadmaps.

What were the outcomes?

Transformational insights, insight maps, opportunity maps and new customer centric business opportunities.