What did they ask us?

Priva, a 500 person family owned company in climate technology, was changing management to a new generation. It was time to re-assess the company’s brand values and vision, and it was time to re-align the company’s main two business units, that had grown apart in terms of vision, culture and behavior. Priva asked us to help them rebuild their brand, from the bottom up, based on the strong beliefs and family values that were still very present in the company’s employees, although deeply hidden from daily practice.

How did we help them?

We brought together 100 people from throughout the organisation and took them through a series of workshops and assignments. Our goal was twofold: to make explicit the values and vision that were deeply ingrained in these employees, and to use the workshops as a vehicle to re-align the two blood-groups around the newly uncovered vision.

What were the outcomes?

The project resulted in a brand guide that visualized all the shared insights, so people could recognize and start working with the system of beliefs and values they belonged to. Next to this brand guid a team of brand ambassadors was assembled whose task it was to translate the brand into working methods, policies and touch points. This combination lead to a new, shared and actionable vision that both business units felt inspired by and responsible for.

Judith Prins van Zanten
User Experience Manager, Priva

"In the many projects we did with Zilver over the past 7 years, their great insight in our culture and understanding of our customers has helped us turn our brand into a strategic platform for growth. It is now manifest in everything we do."