What did they ask us?

Promiss, an Etam group owned fashion and retail label, underwent a re-branding process. Rather than sticking the new brand onto the organisation from the outside, the company’s management team realized that it was the store personnel that needed to deliver the new brand experience. Promiss asked us to help them explain the new brand and its implications to 110 store managers and personnel.

How did we help them?

We know from experience that explaining a new brand to someone doesn’t work. You need to discover it, feel it and explore it in order for it to click with you emotionally. So we took our 110 Promiss ladies through a series of discovery and design workshops, where, based on their experience and expertise, the brand was crafted and refined.

What were the outcomes?

This project resulted in a brand book that was co-created by its users, so that it really resonated with Promiss and helped them put brand vision into action. This brand book contains a clear translation of brand values into service guidelines, so that store managers and personnel could delight their customers with a meaningful and authentic shopping experience.