How to Design Customer Journeys and Context Mapping – UX Bucharest 2015

October 12, 2015by zilver

From 15-17 October, 9 speakers and 6 UX workshops will be hosted at the UX Conference in Bucharest, Romania. Check out the conference website!



Is my organization keeping an eye on the big picture while building a product? Have we identified a problem worth solving and are we actually delivering on that? Is there a right balance between the rate at which new features are developed and the focus on the best user experience?

These are all questions that should be on our mind when trying to create products that people will love. This workshop can help uncover great insights about how customers use your product and how you can address their needs. Building customer journeys is a great method to bring the team on the same page about what problems you are trying to solve for your customers and how to build a great user experience.


  • Understand what customer journey maps
  • Understand how to create a customer journey map and what information is needed for building it
  • Find out how to use the output as a guiding tool for building the small pits and pieces without losing the big picture
  • Learn how to prioritise user experience over adding more features into the product


This workshop is ideal for product managers, researchers, designers, marketers and developers alike, as you’ll learn how to build a common reference point for the entire team, to prioritise, communicate and build the right thing for the customer.