Improve products through customer experience design

October 30, 2015by zilver

At Zilver, we guide companies who want to innovate from a customer experience perspective. Recently, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on the creative process we go through with our clients. We believe customer experience design is the answer to truly valuable and long-term innovation. This belief is based on these two wisdoms:

  • to a customer, the isolated product is only part of the answer, and
  • to a customer, the product itself is never the end goal

We’re pleased to say we’ve developed a Customer Experience Matrix, which captures two approaches that help you discover truly valuable innovation opportunities. We’ll be working with this matrix more often from now on. To give you a sneak peek, here are the slides of the Productized Conference in Lissabon, at which we presented this matrix in an interactive workshop. Two mantra’s to take from this: broaden your scope, deepen your outcomes.