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Erik Roscam Abbing

founder, owner, chief visionary officer

Erik (Seattle 1969) is the founder of Zilver. Erik has consulted for an international roster of clients like Virgin, Heineken, Rabobank, Europcar, Ebay, Audi, Canon and Philips. Erik is the author of ‘Brand Driven Innovation’ (AVA 2010), initiator of the documentary ‘Design the new Business’ and the founder of online user insight tool ‘’.

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Fred Montijn

Senior Design Researcher, Chief Empathy Officer, Customer Experience King

Fred Montijn (Hillegom, 1965) is Project Lead at Zilver. Fred was educated as industrial designer at the TU Delft and has worked as a practising product designer from 1995 to 2007. At that point in time Fred started to apply his deep interest in people, behavioral change and transformation onto a number of projects and ventures.

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Sanne Pelgröm

senior brand innovation consultant, experience design visionary

Sanne was educated as an industrial designer at the Delft University of Technology but then embarked on a career that involved experience design, brand activation, service design and innovation strategy. Sanne is interested in what brands can do for organizations, when they form a shared purpose that connects employees and customers.

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Marit Coehoorn

design researcher, context mapping specialist

Marit Coehoorn studied Design for Interaction at the Delft University of Technology where she graduated on how to influence addictive behavior through design interventions. Through her studies and her practical experience Marit specialized in human centered design research methods. In her role at Zilver she will be responsible for our customer and employee research activities.

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Pieter van Prooijen

Consultant Strategy, Customer Experience, Innovation

The last 10 years Pieter worked as ‘business prototyper’, building up his expertise in strategy, customer experience and innovation. As a part time external phd student, Pieter is interested in small group behavior and team debriefing to improve collaboration. Currently Pieter participates as a project based ‘Zilverling’, embracing complex stakeholder dynamics and design challenges.

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Merel Verwaal

Training developer

Merel Verwaal holds a bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft university of Technology, where she is currently working on obtaining a masters degree in Strategic Product Design. Next to that she holds a minor in physics and is a certified teacher in that area. She’s great in combining design, research and strategic skills but next to that she is also an experienced teacher.

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Johanna Günzl


Johanna Günzl studied psychology at the University of Bamberg in Germany and then worked at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft on perception of materials by tactile assessment. We found in Johanna the perfect combination to study our research methods and results; from a psychological perspective. Johanna will help us understand even better how we do what we do. And she’ll help us get even better at tuning our research to the needs of people, companies and society.

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Linda Buné

Office manager, Zilver’s operational backbone, financial conscience

Linda is Zilver’s office manager, financial wizzard and organizational talent. She keeps us all on track. After her studies in Rotterdam and numerous jobs as secretary and office manager she decided it was time for her next big challenge: to manage an office full of design thinkers.