“ I enjoy my work most when I can get a group of people to see the solution to a really complex problem. I love synthesising research insights into strategic solutions. In my heart I’m very much a designer: I love analysing people and business issues, pinpointing the elements they’re made of, taking them apart and putting them together again. “

Erik is the founder of Zilver. Erik has consulted for an international roster of clients like Virgin Mobile, Heineken, Rabobank, Europcar, Ebay, Audi, Canon, DSM, Philips and OHRA. Erik is the author of ‘Brand Driven Innovation’ (AVA 2010), initiator of the business design documentary ‘Design the new Business’ and the founder of online user insight tool ‘7daysinmylife.com’. Erik teaches strategic design at the TU Delft department of innovation management. Next to that Erik is a guest teacher at the Hochschule Luzern programme for Design Mnagement, education director of the Master in Design Management programme at Eurib Rotterdam, visiting lecturer at Cedim Mexico’s Master in Business Innovation and Vietnam’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation and chairman of the board of the Dutch Design Management Network.