"I enjoy my work most when I experience the sensation of flow at those precious moments when all the teamwork interconnects and accelerates... Besides this very social driver of joy, you can wake me up at any night (except for weekends!) to do some mind gymnastics: I love to find meaning and essence in apparently complex or scattered data. And hopefully, in that case, we are working on user experience or behavioral change assignments."

Fred Montijn (Hillegom, 1965) is Project Lead at Zilver. Fred was educated as industrial designer at the TU Delft and has worked as a practising product designer from 1995 to 2007. At that point in time Fred started to apply his deep interest in people, behavioral change and transformation onto a number of projects and ventures. Fred is the founder of  Sparckl, a mobile application for learning&development and behavioural change. In this domain Fred gives direction to a vastly innovative approach on learning in daily life. By doing so, merging new insights on persuasive design, experience design, learning and the love for people. Sparckl is applied in projects with NS, Sanoma, Ahold and Akzo Nobel. Next to that Fred is a guest-lecturer at Hogeschool Utrecht, where he teaches co-design and service design. As an independent service designs consultant he has, among others, done projects in the aviation, automotive and fitness industry.