Training developer joining Zilver

August 26, 2015by zilver

More and more we are asked by our clients to teach them what we do. There seems to be a growing need for the internalization of capabilities related to design thinking, service design, insight research and customer experience innovation. At Zilver we applaud this development: as more companies embrace these approaches, business becomes a bit more human, creative, relevant and sustainable.

We’ve always tried to take our clients along in what we do and how we do it: in all our projects we involve them in our work and open up our factory to them, in order to help them apply our methods, also when we’ve moved on to different projects. But now we feel it’s time to actively start working on a Zilver training proposition that will specifically focus on capability development for our clients. With the right mix of theory and cases, cutting edge methodologies and hands on tools, innovative paradigm shifts as well as short term actionability.

For this purpose we’ve asked help from someone who is equally at home in the world of strategic design thinking and the world of education and didactics. Meet our new intern Merel Verwaal, who will be working on our training proposition the coming months. Stay tuned for more news, we hope to go live in October.