Zilver is a creative consultancy that helps organizations turn customer insights into viable new products and services. We’ve called our approach ‘brand driven innovation’. Because we believe your brand is the place where insights, strategy, vision, culture and technology all meet. Brand driven innovation is based on the understanding that in order to innovate meaningfully and sustainably, organizations need a deeply rooted and shared vision. But they also need to have a keen understanding of commercial and strategic opportunities. Combining these helps to innovate successfully: take calculated risks, envision potential futures, work across silos, and understand what is valuable for your customers as well as your company. Some may find it hard to put a label on us. We like it that way. We are a hybrid consultancy, active in the following 4 domains:

Customer insights

We turn empathy into action

To truly understand what your customer will want tomorrow, you need to dig deeper than the obvious layer of market research results. Our approach to contextual design research digs much deeper. The qualitative research approach we developed with the Delft University of Technology’s department of Industrial Design Engineering uncovers real user motivations and needs through intensive ethnograpich approaches with small sample sizes. We don’t usually do customer research for you; we prefer to do it with you. Because it’s not customer insights that drive results, but how your organization deals with them. We provide the involvement, metrics and business cases that create management buy-in for customer insights.

from the OHRA decision journey case:

Wim Rampen
Manager customer intelligence and brands, OHRA/DeltaLloyd

"Zilver Innovation is one of the very few "agencies" that can unravel all the complexity and layers of the customer's journey by looking beyond the typical (designers) "touch-points" into the jobs Customers are trying to get done. And they understand how to visualize and bring back to the core the insights gained in such a manner that it sticks with the people that need to work with them. People throughout my teams (and beyond), who have worked with Zilver on the projects we did together, have expressed how they valued the Zilver team's openness, energy, and respectful way of handling and valuing input from all kinds of stakeholders"

Brand development

We turn vision into value

We are not a branding agency but we do love brands. For us branding has nothing to do with loud advertisements and unkept promises. The brand defines the relationship an organisation aspires to have with its customers. It’s how your employees and customers see the future. It’s what they find of value. Building a brand is a great way to make organizational culture and shared vision explicit and actionable. So it can function as a very solid foundation for growth.

from the Priva Brand Strategy case:

Judith Prins van Zanten
User Experience Manager, Priva

"In the many projects we did with Zilver over the past 7 years, their great insight in our culture and understanding of our customers has helped us turn our brand into a strategic platform for growth. It is now manifest in everything we do."

Innovation strategy

We turn plans into solutions

You can only plan your future if you understand your future. And that means gaining empathy with people, being sensitive to technological and social trends, and having a nose for commercial business opportunities. We have all three. For us innovation is about people creating value for and with other people. We empower employees to translate customer understanding and brand vision into opportunities for viable new products, services and experiences. This results in strategic roadmaps as well as the concrete insights, methodologies and tools for tomorrow.

from the case:

Experience design

We turn touch points into meaning

We treat design as means, not an end. Experience Design is about creating benefits for the company AND its customers. This means orchestrating touch points so that people have seamless, cross channel experiences over longer periods of time. Designed so that you can predictably and sustainably deliver them. We provide you with a keen combination of brand insights, user insights, business insights and technology insights to focus where it matters. Then we provide you with the tools, project management and business metrics to make it happen.

from the Ebay | Marktplaats case:

Michael Sonderby
strategy lead

" Working with Zilver has helped our business attain new and deeper insights into our users and their digital behavior. Insights that were surfaced through Zilver’s passionate engagement, professionalism and holistic problem solving approach. To add to this the holistic cross-functional approach helped achieve very strong buy-in across the teams that were engaged and which allowed the findings to have a true and lasting impact on how we view our customers needs and more importantly how we innovate to address these. The tools and knowhow that Zilver brings to the table have made them a trusted business partner and one that we will continue to spar with in order to navigate us through a digital world where change is ever accelerating and user needs equally so.”