Zilver Teaches – Masterclass Brand Driven Innovation TU Delft

May 14, 2014by zilver

There are many reasons for companies to innovate, to improve or change the products and services they bring to the market. Branding can inspire innovation in products and services, creating value for organizations and consumers alike. This in turn can lead to a durable relationship between brands and customers. Brand-driven Innovation explores branding as a foundation for innovation, in order to provide participants with a solid understanding of how to use branding in their innovation tasks.

This Master Class trains professional designers and other innovation professionals in our design and innovation method “Brand Driven Innovation” (BDI). In BDI, the brand is considered to a solid foundation for innovation, that combines internal drivers for innovation, like an organization’s vision and mission, with external drivers, like customer insights. In BDI, the brand is constructed as the point where inside out thinking meets outside in thinking.

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